Sparkling wines

Our Schloss Arras Sektkellerei produces vintage sparkling wines made exclusively from carefully selected cold fermented base wines. These are the guarantee for a fresh, clear and effervescent Cuvee.

Apart from the high quality Cuvee in our brand portfolio for sparkling wine that is available in different tastes such as dry, semi-dry or sweet we also produce excellent varietal sparkling wines from Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir rosé and Pinot Noir. We round off our brand portfolio with a German vineyard sparkling wine “Wiltinger Scharzberg” Riesling Moselle extra dry and a non-alcoholic “sparkling wine” which is becoming more and more popular.

Customers can choose from various sizes according to the product ranging from the tiny piccolo (200 ml) up to the impressive double magnum bottle (3 litres).

Our portfolio has been extended during the course of the company history by acquisitions of sparkling wine producing companies so that we cannot only offer our traditional “Schloss Arras” and “Drathen Sekt” but also further brand names such as “Splendid”, “Schloss Koblenz”, “Schloss Rheinach”, “Schloss Zell” etc. thus providing high quality products presented in an attractive bottle.

Our highly qualified cellar masters have decades of experience and guarantee the highest demands for quality giving our customers a distinctive, unchanging taste experience.

Sparklers enjoy great popularity besides our traditional sparkling wines. Consumers know them as “secco”: light effervescent wines which in comparison to sparkling wines are far less carbonated and are often regarded by consumers as “lighter to drink”. A positive side effect is the fact that sparklers are not subject to the German Sparkling Wine Tax which actually amounts to € 1.02 on each 0.75 litre bottle of sparkling wine.

In addition to our Italian Vino Frizzante products which are described on the imported wine section we also have three more sparklers in our assortment: Two sparklers made from a white and rosé cuvee respectively with added carbonization and a pure, high quality Riesling varietal sparkler from the Moselle winegrowing region in which the carbon dioxide arises from a second fermentation as in sparkling wine production.