The brand name "G. Schlink" is a symbol for high quality estate-bottled wines from the Nahe winegrowing region. For decades we have been in exclusive cooperation with the wine producing cooperative "Simmerner Hof" whose harvest is marketed through our company. In the autumn of each year the fresh musts of the cooperative are stored in a separate cellar at our premises and are carefully vinified. A quality testing system especially designed for us ensures that only musts are accepted which fulfil our predetermined Oechsle quality standards. In return our winegrowers receive an above-average market price which serves as an incentive to deliver only the very best quality musts to us.

Based on the long-standing and close partnership with the cooperative we are in a position to vinify any grape varieties which are currently in trend.

We can thus assure top quality for us and our customers throughout the year and can offer wines at times even when they are sold out on the general market due to the great demand for them.

Being able to vinify and bottle wines in our own modern facilities we can give our customers producer-bottled wines at the very best competitive prices. With almost 30 different wines in our selection ranging from the 1.0 litre bottles selected for open wines such as the „Naheschoppen" to the fine dry Pinot Gris and Pinot Bianco spätlese wines, our assortment from this winegrowing region offers the right wine for any connoisseur.

Just try some yourself!