Quality presented with your own name

Sparkling wine pleasure for you and your customers created in your “own” style. Design one of our high quality blank labels according to your own individual and unique requirements.

Choose your own personal taste from one of our quality sparkling wines and present your very own personalized sparkling wine label. We will gladly help you to implement your creative ideas and together we can put readymade elements like logos, lettering or images onto the label. On request we can offer you labels designed and printed in different colours which we will invoice at cost price.

Many types of bottle colours and sizes are available for your choice of sparkling wine qualities: ranging from the 200 ml Piccolo up to the impressive 3.0 litre Double Magnum bottle! An overview of the sparkling wines which can be filled into the corresponding bottle size and bottle colour for your own design is given in the chart below:

Your own sparkling wine brand is packed into “neutral” boxes with an appropriate box label. You can choose your own individual features when ordering unmixed products over and above the following quantities:

  • ½ Palett = 38 - 6-pack box = 228 á 0.75 l bottles
  • ½ Pallet = 33 - 24-pack box = 792 á 0.2 l bottles
  • 20 pcs 1.5 l Magnum bottles (in 4-pack boxes)
  • 10 pcs 3.0 l Double-Magnum bottles (in single box)

Apart from our sparkling wine products we can offer our customers various Seccos (sparklers) and a large selection of our wine assortment in bespoke versions!

Call us! Get information! Take advantage! We will be happy to advise you!

Nowadays many customers have the technical means to produce their own labels in smallest quantities. In line with this subject we also stock a green 0.75 l sparkling wine bottle with a black capsule filled with our standard cuvees dry and semi-dry “without” any label. All legal details are already printed on the collar.

As the sparkling wine does not have a front or rear label customers can add their own individual label “bottle by bottle”. Both cuvees can be ordered by the box with standard Franco domicile delivery terms.

Various templates are available as PDF files as follows:

Label formats
Printed edge - Series 1
Printed edge - Series 2

We print the legal information in the appropriate positions. These are the categories:

  • Sparkling wine
  • Taste designation: e.g. "semi-dry"
  • Contents: 0.75 l or 0.2 l
  • Alcohol content: e.g. 11.0 % vol
  • Batch description
  • Complete address of the companies involved in distribution
    – e.g. Your address or your customer’s address
  • Produced in Germany

You can choose from following standard Cuvée variations:

0.75 Litre

residual sweetness
Poly cork
Natural cork
Natural cork
Poly cork
Natural cork
Mild60 gr/lxx
Semi-dry35 gr/lxxxx
Dry25 gr/lxxxx
Dry20 gr/lxx
Extra Dry18 gr/lxxx
Brut12 gr/lxx
Riesling Dry25 gr/lxx
Riesling Extra Dry14 gr/lx
Riesling Brut12 gr/lx
Wiltinger Scharzberg Riesling
Sparkling wine Extra Dry
14 gr/lx
Chardonnay Sparkling wine Brut14 gr/lx
Dornfelder Sparkling wine Dry33 gr/lx
Pinot Noir Sparkling wine Dry29 gr/lx
Pinot Noir Rosé Sparkling wine Dry26 gr/lx

0.2 Litre Piccolo, 1.5 Litre und 3.0 Litre

CuvéesAproxx. residual sweetnessPiccolo 0.2 l green screw cap1.5 l green Natural cork3.0 l green Poly cork
Mild60 gr/l
Semi-dry35 gr/lxxx
Dry25 gr/lxxx
Dry20 gr/l
Extra Dry18 gr/lx
Brut12 gr/l
Riesling Dry25 gr/l
Riesling Extra Dry14 gr/lx
Riesling Brut12 gr/l
Wiltinger Scharzberg Riesling Sparkling wine Extra Dry14 gr/lx
Chardonnay Sparkling wine Brut14 gr/l
Dornfelder Sparkling wine Dry33 gr/l
Pinot Noir Sparkling wine Dry29 gr/l
Pinot Noir Rosé Sparkling wine Dry26 gr/l

Variations for your own Designs

These standard capsules are available (click to enlarge)

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